Sunday, 31 January 2010

Y2-Visual Explanation

These images are part of my research in finding out the most successful way to visually communicate the word 'Transformation'. They are based on starting with a selection of random shapes, layered and overlapping, and then I used my imagination to see what I could transform them into.

This was the final result, a stop motion film, it involved a lot of patience but was fun to try, this being the first time I've ever done a stop-motion animation.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Y2- Interpretation of Text

For this project I designed 5 book covers for novels by the African author Chinua Achebe. I needed to consider them as a series so they had to all link together visually.
    This Illustration is for the book 'Things fall apart'
    'No longer at ease'
    'Arrow of God'
    'A man of the people'
    'Anthills of the Savannah'
This was another option for the final cover of 'No longer at ease'. I chose the prior one because the colours are more dominant and dark, and help convey the darkness of the narrative.

Personal sketch

Yr1-Digital Imagery project on Surveillance

This image was produced during my first year. Its based on the 9/11 event. I was exploring the ways the event was surveyed and the points of view it was seen from. We also had to employ digital techniques in its production. 

Yr1-Functions of Illustration

For this brief we had to choose an article to produce three Illustrations from,  each illustration had a specific function. One was to comment, one to inform, and one to decorate. We had to consider the context that these illustrations could be placed in. The article I chose was about the decline of the Cuckoo in Britain.  
This image was placed in an informative leaflet about the Cuckoo, otherwise known as the 'spring bringer'. 
 I wanted to inject a positive attitude about the Cuckoo and how its an integral part of British Spring time, a time of new life, and... little chicks.
This image was for a decorative book cover about the Cuckoo.

Yr1-Word and Image project-based on the 'White Album' by the beatles

The brief here was to produce an Illustration of a song by the Beatles. We got to choose an envelope which contained the lyrics of a song from the White album. My Song was 'Mother Natures Son'. We had to use some or all of the lyrics in our image. 
The above piece was my final design, which I produced with the end context in mind being an album cover.

Yr1-Drawing Approaches project-Journey

These Illustrations are a documentation of the things I saw a did throughout the duration of the brief, my journey from start to finish, exploring different techniques and materials.