Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fringe Arts Bath - 'Time'

It’s about 'TIME' to tell you what I've been creating recently. Time has been the theme of my most recent exhibition as part of Fringe Arts Bath, with my wonderful fellow arty friends in Paper Jukebox.                     
The exhibition has been open to the public from 25th June – 10th June at The Old Officer’s Club, Stall Steet, Bath—right opposite the Roman Baths.
I did a bit of live printmaking in the venue to make the process more of a spectacle and less of a mystery. This included making greetings cards.My new work, which I created for the exhibition will be posted after take down this Sunday. Oh and my artwork made it to the front page of the guide and website. Click HERE to see and read a bit more about 'TIME' and our exhibition.