Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Greetings Cards

A sample of some of the greetings cards I hand printed during Bath Arts Fringe Festival this year. It was a beautiful sunny day outside and I could hear the sweet notes of a saxophone floating through the window as I did my printmaking.

And here's a heads up of what's to come, in the final few months before I head to India, for four months and do my printmaking residency in Gujarat. 

I will be exhibiting some new and old prints at Windmill Hill City Farm in the heart of Bristol for two months, commencing at the beginning of September, until the end of October. 

I will be exhibiting as part of Art on the Hill in Bedminster and Southville, Bristol. Local Arts trail involving lots of neighboring creative’s. 

Also I am in the process of creating new work based on Soho in London, to go in a local Soho cafe, alongside Paper Jukebox artists. 


I most recently exhibited in Kentish at Flaxon Ptootch with fellow Paper Jukebox members.
This is a glimpse of the print on display.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fringe Arts Bath - 'Time'

It’s about 'TIME' to tell you what I've been creating recently. Time has been the theme of my most recent exhibition as part of Fringe Arts Bath, with my wonderful fellow arty friends in Paper Jukebox.                     
The exhibition has been open to the public from 25th June – 10th June at The Old Officer’s Club, Stall Steet, Bath—right opposite the Roman Baths.
I did a bit of live printmaking in the venue to make the process more of a spectacle and less of a mystery. This included making greetings cards.My new work, which I created for the exhibition will be posted after take down this Sunday. Oh and my artwork made it to the front page of the guide and website. Click HERE to see and read a bit more about 'TIME' and our exhibition.  

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Editorial Commission for EPDA

^ Heres my latest commission in print. 

Sketch book 

^ 'Speed drawing' at Bristol Drawing Club. 
This one took place at the great 'Full Moon' in Stokes Croft.

^ Doodles and Ideas of things to come.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Portrait of fellow Paper Jukebox member, Lucy Evans

This task made a lovely change for me, my recent tendencies being to make images of animals and nature.
This has given me a craving to do a portrait on a much larger scale so that I can use my roller, as a paintbrush almost. As the roller is about 10cm wide, I need a bigger area to work on so I can use it for smaller details. (The challenge here is finding a place with a table big enough to print on!)

To get the details of Lucy’s features in the print at this size (A2) I thought pencil would be the best option. I think there’s a delicacy to the image this way, compared to if I had of used the process of mono-printing which would have created a darker, heavier line. And it was such a beautiful, delicate face to draw.