Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nautical Nonsense

By the way this is an underwater giraffe (above). Underwater Giraffes still have not developed the ability to breathe underwater so, even though their necks are already pretty long, they need to be able to the reach the surface to come up for air, naturally they would therefore have a 'spring neck'. The Giraffe also has to wear goggles to protect its eyes from the salt water, but that Illustration is for another day... 

Here are some more interpretations to the nautical brief. The bottom composition is the final Illustration I submitted for the competition, taken from the landscape scene just above it. My work was selected and exhibited at 60 Million Postcards in Bournemouth. The prints could be purchased on the night but you can also grab one from:

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nautical Nonsense

I have recently started working on a brief titled 'Nautical Nonsense' set up by 'this is' collective. The starting point can be interpreted in any way, the only limitation is the dimensions (A2 portrait). I have used this opportunity to create playful Illustrations that are often weird, humorous and lighthearted. By taking reference to the ridiculous things that are already found in the sea and putting my own spin on them I want to create a snapshot of a strange underwater scene, continuing to use traditional methods of printing or painting. I want to challenge myself to combine a number of elements within one composition and amalgamate them on good old Photoshop.
By also taking on the challenge of the Penguin Design Awards 2011 to re-design the book cover for James and the Giant Peach I have been able to continue to produce Illustrations that are about fictional characters, events or locations.