Monday, 26 April 2010

Print making workshop

This giant print was produced in a Print workshop I was involved in, led by Andy Parker. We each worked in pairs and were encouraged to try something new on a massive scale and to consider repetition. By carefully hacking away at a large piece of corrugated card me and Jenny inked up the monster and placed a giant roll of paper over the top to slide, roll and skate around on. This is the outcome, with a subtle addition of string to highlight interesting shapes and link the repeated prints together.

Below is the corrugated card. I love printmaking as a process in making my Illustrations and this workshop has sparked ideas of ways I could further this in the future. Interesting what you can do with throw away items/packaging.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

LSE exhibition piece

 I have recently produced some art work for an exhibition at London School of Economics (LSE). The exhibition is run by the United Youth Development Organisation and explores the theme of 'The Lottery of Birth'. In my relief / mono print I wanted to symbolize that from birth we are immediately restricted from some opportunities. Here a blindfolded infant tries his luck at throwing a dart onto a map of the world. This for me connotes that some people are born directly into problems and that not everyone gets a fair chance at a life from the start. The Lottery of Birth states that our postcode has a major impact on our lives, we are not all born with the same opportunities, and this should be changed.
You can view more about the event here:

Sunday, 4 April 2010


I designed this poster for a one day festival in Bournemouth. The client asked for something colourful, and for the name of the festival, 'Smile' to be illustrated. This is my interpretation. 
I loved producing artwork for something other than my degree and maintaining my artistic identity, by incorporating an Illustration which furthers the the way I want to work.