Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A Narrative of Obsession

^ These are a small selection of a number of screen prints I done, looking at techniques I could use to reproduce the same image. The technique was good in that multiple copies could be made to look exactly the same, however I feel it lacks any of my individual mark. I love the dirtier line of mono-printing/relief prints, which always show the artists mark, even if these are grubby fingerprints. 

^ This was the beginning of my project where I broke down the story 'An Imaginative Woman' by Thomas Hardy and selected the theme of obsession to somehow produce a narrative on. As the project progressed so did the Narrative, as I continually produced images of the same individual. By taking sections of his face and focusing in on them closely and placing a number of them on one page the 'obsession' seems to progress. I loved using printing as a technique to produce images and will definitely be continuing along this route.