Thursday, 13 May 2010

My animation - 'The Divergence of Birds' a collaboration with Becky Hatwell

I have just completed the final project for my second year! The unit was titled 'The Digital Revolution'. The brief was to produce an animation on the theme of divergence. After talking to my lovely friend Becky we realized our intentions for the project were very similar and decided it would be a great venture to work together and produce a collaborative final piece.
You can also view the final animation here on youtube

Our main aim for this project was to find a way to express our love of printing and collage techniques through moving image. Above are some of the scenes and birds which are featured in the short animation.
The concept was sparked by our trip to the Natural History Museum. We found a mutual interest in the variety of birds and how captivating they were. We felt that our practice would lend well to the aesthetic quality of the birds and the locations they live in.

We wanted to express the difference in development of the birds to suit their environments.
The prints were digitally scanned and compiled in Photoshop, then taken to After Effects and Final Cut Pro where all the traditional artwork and sound was edited and amalgamated.