Monday, 6 December 2010

James and the GIANT Peach

I'm attempting to re-design the front cover for one of the most loved children's books by Roald Dahl for the Penguin Design Awards. These are some of the characters; the ladybird, spider and Grasshopper. I didn't want to characterize them too much as its already been done so well. I want the rough and quirky line of mono-printing to dominate and work well with the scene I'm developing. 

Below is the final image after many rough drafts, I wanted the front and back cover to work together as a whole and be interesting for children. The Illustration depicts the scene underground where the larger than life creatures are affected by the magic beans that James spills on the ground, which also affect the roots of the Peach tree to produce a GIANT peach, which is subtly shown in the right hand corner. I placed the peach here to lead the characters and the reader inside the peach, into the book and into the adventure.

The design in its final context

A Recipe For...

This image forms part of the publication A Recipe For...
Its a catalogue of Illustrations that fellow course mates and I put together. The whole publication can be viewed here.