Friday, 3 February 2012

Portrait of fellow Paper Jukebox member, Lucy Evans

This task made a lovely change for me, my recent tendencies being to make images of animals and nature.
This has given me a craving to do a portrait on a much larger scale so that I can use my roller, as a paintbrush almost. As the roller is about 10cm wide, I need a bigger area to work on so I can use it for smaller details. (The challenge here is finding a place with a table big enough to print on!)

To get the details of Lucy’s features in the print at this size (A2) I thought pencil would be the best option. I think there’s a delicacy to the image this way, compared to if I had of used the process of mono-printing which would have created a darker, heavier line. And it was such a beautiful, delicate face to draw.