Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Monoprinting Christmas cards

Three Kings

I’m feeling all Christmassy already and it feels quite warm outside. Feels a bit like my last Christmas in India. (I was somewhere cold in India for Christmas, but not like English cold and rain).

Because I wasn’t in England for Christmas last year I’m extra excited about it this year. I’m going to get fully immersed into the festivities. I’ve kicked it off by doing my Christmas cards already.

Christmas Stockings
I’m not completely mad; I did need to get them done to sell in The Print Shop, which opens November 6th. Come along!

Here they are, £2.50 each, all unique in a slight way, as they were each hand-printed, using my usual methods of rolling ink through stencils that I have cut by hand, from paper. Some designs, such as the Thee Kings have pencil detail in them too. So it’s basically a ridiculously cheap piece of artwork.

Also next post will be about how you can learn these techniques in my workshops. More information to come….