Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Woodland inspired Monopinting with stencils

Tuesday 11th Feb 2014 / 17.30-20.30

This is a workshop based on the theme of ancient woodland, where participants learn a unique printing technique, which is easy to do at home, without needing specific printing facilities or expensive materials. The process starts with a rough sketch/design. 
This design is then cut into stencils using a craft knife. 
Beautiful colours of ink are then mixed and a durathene roller is used to apply ink through the gaps in the stencils, also referred to as pochoir
We will experiment with layering the inks to achieve different textures and effects to create a woodland-inspired print which you can take home. 

The participants also have the choice to work their designs onto a set of five greetings cards to take away with them. 

Its a three hour workshop, with all materials provided for £25. 

Its advisable to wear clothing you don't mind getting ink on, or bring an apron. 
If you have any woodland inspired imagery to jog your imagination on the day then please bring that. 

To book on you can pay securely over paypal, if you visit this blog.
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Hope to see you there