Friday, 31 January 2014

My printmaking workshop at the Arnolfini

On Saturday 25th of January I led a printmaking workshop as part of the We Are Family day at The Arnolfini, in Bristol, relating to their current exhibition by Joëlle Tuerlinckx. It was a busy, fun four hours.
I had some great volunteers helping me manage the budding artists, around 30 of them at a time and about 100 people over the afternoon.

People of all ages got to try a selection of three different printmaking techniques.
On the first table was a collection of different materials, from foam to leaves to cardboard, which you could cut out and arrange on your plate to create a collagraph to print from.  
The second table was monoprinting with stencils, based on how I make my own work and the third table was drawing on the back of paper, on top of a layer of ink, to get an inky drawing on the reverse.
The three techniques could also be combined to create a multi-layered print.
Thanks for having me Arnolfini.

My next workshop for people from 16+ is at Hamilton House on Feb 11th from 17.30-20.30. Please scroll down my blog here for more details.