Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 9:
I hung my prints up so I could take a better look at my progress so far and evaluate what I need to do next.

Then I started sketching out the next print. This is one from Nepal. I’ve decided on the incredible view of Everest, from the last view point, on our way down the mountain. It was the final day of walking...legs nearly collapsing beneath us.

In the evening I went to the opening of another exhibition, this time at The Red Earth Gallery. I was really impressed. The paintings were on large canvases, of different shapes and sizes. I loved the tones and the shapes used. There weren’t any unnecessary details.  

Day 10:
Rising early I got a bus to Champner (A world Heritage Site) and climbed a mountain in the very hot sun to get to a temple of the top. Wicked view and experience... I made a few friends with the locals on the way up who helped inform me of the history and kept me entertained.